Music City Party Tub

Wait, WHAT? A Nashville Party Bus with a Pool or Hot tub?!?

Yes!  You can have your very own Nashville party bus touring Downtown Nashville on the only mobile pool and hot tub party bus anywhere.  The Music City Party Tub is the most unique and fun way to celebrate a day or night out in Nashville.  This party tour will be your own little parade. Have you ever seen or heard of a mobile pool or hot tub? Of course not.  Music City Party Tub is the only one, so you can experience a private party of a lifetime.

By Tourists and Locals alike, this has been said to be The best thing to do in Nashville for bachelorette parties, corporate and marketing events, girls weekend, girls night out, a birthday party, local fun and any kind of party you can think of!  We get repeat customers sometimes twice a year, which says it must be a blast.
Do you just want to see the Nashville experience, or do you want to BE the experience?

Check out how to make your party happen.

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Covid-19 Update: What we’re doing to protect you…
 Our pool is chemically balanced with an auto-chlorinator and has 2 UV lights that kill viruses. Additionally, water does NOT transmit the virus.